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2012 Formula Drift Round 1: Ticket Giveaway

Formula Drift: Round 1 – Streets of Long Beach!!! Held on the same course as the Long Beach Grand Prix in Long Beach, California. he beginning of a new season and maybe the crowning of new 2012 champion!  Are you coming in for this event, plan to attend or just want some tickets??  As Formula Drift enters in on it’s 9th year and as we hit 7 years working with Formula Drift. We are letting you try your luck, as we are giving away 4 pairs of tickets.  Tickets will be good for both days of the event.  Now how can you get in on this you may ask…  Well the contest details are below!  Good Luck on this contest and giveaway!!

Now entering is simple, just leave a comment in the comment section below telling us what got you into drifting? What helped lead you to the path of the righteous slide and land here wanting some free tickets?  There’s no right answer just ones we like and will choose.  All entry’s must be received by March 29th, 2012 12noon(PST). Email to winners will be sent later that evening. Make sure you leave your real email address when inputting the comment, as we will be emailing you to confirm its a valid address and to inform the winners. *1  The email address will not be shown to the public (This does not include air or transportation to the event or room and board).

The best 4 comments will get the tickets to the event and get to see some slideways action live and on the Streets of Long Beach…

*1 (Please be aware any email addresses will be shared with Formula Drift and Formula Drift only. This will not go to their partners and is just for their use and our use only. Thank you and enjoy what we do for you.)

83 Responses

  1. Ramon bonilla

    I got into drifting way back when hot import nights had there first car show in the long beach convention center. I have bought DVD after DVD from “street fury” to “on the scene” and everything in between. Me and my wife have 7 kids and we all love cars and go to as many car shows as we can it’s just not the same without my kids there and seeing them get into the cars the excitement that follows. They can talk about how much fun they had for days!

  2. Sergio

    What got me into drifting were the D1gp USA vs Japan battles in irwindale speedway. The precision driving and style. From there on I’ve gone to all D1gp and Formula D events in Long Beach, Irwindale and Las Vegas.

  3. daniel

    When I was 16 I had a class in high school called independent studies and in that class I had to go out and find a place to work for high school credits …and there was a shop across from my neighborhood …it was MONSTOR FABRICATION !!! casper canul was the pro formula d driver there and pat was the master mechanic … I got to meet them and they tought me what drifting was …the next fd event was finals at irwendal speedway ! Had the best time …since then I’ve just been racing the local canyons here and sliding the turns …and trying to get into drifting as a privateer ..well that’d my story

  4. Joy

    Drifting…..what got me/us into drifting was first of all our love for ALL things car-related. Several years ago for Mother’s Day (Yes, Mother’s Day!) my husband took my son & myself to an amateur drift competition at Turner Field in Atlanta, several pros were there as well. From that point on, well, I was SOLD on drifting. I still think it would be cool to be a passenger sometime, drifting through the course.

    Looking forward to the show in May in Atlanta. I think Mother’s Day weekend, again! A new tradition set………………

  5. Andy plascencia

    what got me into drifting was seeing it when i was about 5 on initial d and i thought it was the sickest thing ever and over the yaers actually seeing it made me love it even more and seeing in my hometown in Long Beach is even better .

  6. Jay

    Initial D!!!

  7. Robert Johnson

    Was introduced to the drifting scene before I even knew it was a sport, 16 years old with rear wheel drive, first rainy day. Ever since that first rain when I accidentally spun my tires making a left turn, over corrected and finally got control. Felt like I was the man until I went home and search the Internet for videos of others getting sideways/out of control. I learned very quickly that this was no accident…. It’s an art that takes practice and skill. After seeing my first professional D 1 race in irwindale 6 years ago I knew this was only the beginning. Been taking friends each time D1 comes into long beach or irwindale. Each time a new friend instantly becomes a fan!!! Can’t wait to pull up to long beach and smell the rubber in the air and blow off values and exhaust that sing like angels. Free ticket or not I will be there.

  8. Takumi Fujiwara 86! It was all because of Initial D.

  9. Ryan Yao

    what got me into drifting…. CAUSE RACECAR!

  10. Franco urrutia

    What got me into drifting was when I found out that tanner foust was a 2 time drift champ because I’m a big fan of his driving and now it makes me want to be a drifter and since then I’ve always wanted go to a fomula drift event and I know tanner doesn’t go to fomula drifts anymore and drifting is just so awesome and if I get these tickets, this would defitaly make my year no doubt!

  11. I went to my first event at the House of Drift 2010 cheering for my fellow Mustang driver VGJ with 4 friends. Round 1 2011 there was 6 of us as we cheered (we started the “1 more time”) JTP to a 1st place win. 16 of our hearts were broken when JTP crashed on turn 3. Plain and simple, I love drift and I’m broke…AND, I want to show my girlfriend why I love the smell of rubber :p

  12. Delfino Bello

    It started when a buddy took me drifting. After that he showed me the basic techniques. I began to look for the roads and we started hitting them. I started to practice, as i would drive borrowed cars. A bit after I got a pair of wheels of my own. I hit the roads of a nearby city.

    Looking forward to the first round, I’m thinking of taking my son Damian. He is only 3 yrs old and is already a big fan of the sport.

  13. Cheryl Perdew

    My very 1st drifting event was in 2006 at The House of Drift. Kasey Kahne had a fundraiser “Drift Meets Grip”. I went to see the NASCAR drivers, but I was hooked on drifting. I have been back at Irwindale for the season finale ever since.

  14. Martin Polanco

    My first taste of the hand gripping world of drifting came from watching anime. Yeah anime but it wasn’t any anime. It was Initial D! [Its a really good anime, you should all try watching it] The moment I saw the first episode I caught in this sick ass world of cars. I had some involvement in cars because my neighbor was restoring a classic but that has nothing to with drifting right, right (I just felt I’d give a shout out to my neighbor). So after watching the anime, I went back to my daily life in college as a Biochem major for two years until I decided I going to do something I would look forward to each day. The idea of waking up just to drift. I took all my savings for school and bought myself a Nissan 240sx, so far I’ve given it a Silvia front end with a carbon fiber hood, a detachable steering wheel, seats, and soon enough a new paint job and suspension and the roll cage. As well switched my major to Japanese (currently a 3rd year) as I plan standing at the top of the D1 Grand Prix, alongside my brother (Oscar) as the mechanic and I the driver. Eventually taking it the next level and writing about the world of drifting world wide.

  15. Noel G

    Drifting is gay like me lol

  16. Adam Tha Neighbor

    well before drifting was the new hot shit i had a passion for time attack on the tsukuba circuit in japan and at the time when hks set the track record in 54.00seconds with the evo driven by someone named “NOB” Taniguchi which led me to a video posted of him on the Togue doing something they call “drifting” uphill on a one lane mountain going balls to the wall sliding the car around the turns faster then most people drive and at the end he gets out of the car wearing SNOW BOOTS!!! …that started my interest and then formula D hit the states and i attended one of the first events on the eastcoast at wall speedway in nj…the rest is history !!! would love to see it go down in long beach…being tho ive never even been to long beach and now that im a cali resident…what better way to visit while watching some of the sickest drivers get hoook it UP!!!

  17. Vince

    Watching Odi Bakchis perform without corp. backing was a good indicator that drift was grass roots and worthy of following. Listening to judges citicize that Odi’s driving was a little too cautious shows the need for corp. backing and the sport becoming commercial. You need $$$ to be willing to detroy your car for a few $ in winnings.

  18. Tammy H

    My BFF Jenny introduced me to drifting and I’m ever grateful! What I love the most is the pure adrenaline rush for seeing the cars drift sideways on the track. And the smoke show pouring out from the tires! Last but not least my favorite driver Dai Yoshihara! I love drifting and I would love to win a ticket!!

  19. miguel villafuerte

    hey there everything drift well how i got into drifting was by accident i was at hot import night back in 2007 first time going to a cor event didnt think mucho of there i couldnt beleive how much work goes into building this cars i feel in love with the whole idea of customizing cars. when the event was finish i headed for the door there were this guys handing out this flyer usually i take them and just drop them on the floor but this one caught my eye it was like i was my destine as i look at it i couldnt beleive they held drifitn competitions i thought it was jusst in movies but it was true it was a formula drift flyer and i saw it going to be held at long beach i cwas like i am going even though i had spent all my money at hin i was 17 didnt work but i had like 3 weeks to get some money i remember i did what ever i could to make money just tgo to this event from that day till till teh day off the event i couldnt stop dreaming of being at the eventi research on the wed and found out a bunch aof stuff on driftin i found out what kinds of cars are used for drifting i also found out that japan ben drifting for years i became a lil smarter on drifting from that day till today i love drifting thats all i think of everytday of my life every time i see a nice turn i imagine me drifting it or think to myself that qould be a good spot to hold a drift enevent i am here wishing that i am one of the winners because i needd this tickets i am only working part time and the money i make is going to pay my student loans i went to school for automotive techinician because of formula drift my dreams is to be able to work as a tech for some type of drifting shop or maybe a tea m well i hope i get a pair of tickets i would greatly apreciate it thank have a nice weekend …

  20. Brandon Gomez

    Forza motorsport the game got me Into drifting I know kinda weird and also watching top gear usa, tanner foust is a really awesome drifter and I just starter to become a fan of drifting about a year ago and I really want to got to a fomula drift event because the first round is near me and if I win these tickets this event would be the best event I’ll would ever go to

  21. Holly

    VROOM, VROOM BABY! I love how this sport tingles all of my senses! I recently learned how to drift a go kart at K1 Speed in Torrance and it was awesome. Can only imagine what it must be like to be Mr. Ken Gushi, Ah-Soo Sir!

  22. I just like the idea of sliding in slow motion watching cute girls flash their boobies.

  23. Humberto gandara

    I first heard about drifting at my school universal technical institute
    My buddy asked me to go to Adams they hold a drifting event every Thursday i went and took my dad and ever since we”ve been hooked on it. I want the tickets because I go to school full time and work partime and cant afford the tickets and my dad has been working out of home for three months and gets here a week before the event and I want to take him with me because he enjoys drifting more than I do!!!!!!

  24. Humberto gandara

    I first heard about drifting at my school universal technical institute
    My buddy asked me to go to Adams they hold a drifting event every Thursday i went and took my dad and ever since we”ve been hooked on it. I want the tickets because I go to school full time and work partime and cant afford the tickets and my dad has been working out of home for three months and gets here a week before the event and I want to take him with me because he enjoys drifting more than I do!!!!!!

  25. Marie thamma-Pham

    Drifting is a male dominant sport, I would like to see more females out on the track. I want to be right up in there in the cars n drift just as good. (if not better) My husband has a passion for cars especially JDM I swear his vein is full of full synthetic motor oil. I have a high interest in cars but never knew where to start. Drifting is what I will be doing this summer ♥

  26. Jay

    What got me into drifting is the fact that its based off of style. I grew up around drag racing, circuit, etc. Drifting has done the impossible, you dont need to have the fastest or most powerful car to have fun and even take a title !

  27. Kyle Brewster

    What got me into drifting was looking up YouTube videos of RC cars and was thinking how sick that was and started watching real cars cars drifting and now that’s the only kind of racing I watch for the past 5 years and it’s the only thing that catches my attention

  28. Shawn Paroline

    My family got its first taste of drifting from watching the exhibitions at the Long Beach Grand Prix. Hubinette and Drift Patrol rocked. Then I bought tickets to the Formula Drift event at the Port of Long Beach a few years ago. The wildfires made it a smokey day and the air was bad. I brought my too younger kids. My son who was 7 at the time. He loved watching Grunewald (who wrecked in front of us) in the C5 vette, one of his favorite cars. My son would stand up with his fists in the air and cheer. That big GM LS V8 motor sounded sick (now everyone has one). We brought our chairs and sat close to the circuit. My 2-y.o. Gianna was whining and refused to eat the hot dogs I brought. So I bought some nachos and a lollipop to placate her. Just as she was finally content, her food and candy got showered by shredded tires as a tandem went by. She cried. BUMMER! My son was totally excited to see Ken G. win the Toyota Pro Celebrity Race last year. Now that Grunewald is in a Camaro, my son likes watching the big Camaros drift. Personally, I’m looking forward to the Vettes.

  29. S. Hunter

    In my opinion drifting is one of the best motorsports out there. I remember first seeing it on tv and thinking how different it was. It would be great to see a Formula Drift event live. There is nothing better than the smell of burnt rubber in the morning.

  30. ismael mata

    Americas tire is my company n.i would in love to c in actionour car driftingso pick me pleade

  31. ismael mata

    Americas tire is the company for whom i work for and i would greatly appreciate. The free tickets to c our car in drifting action so please pick me

  32. Email’s have been sent out to the winners.

  33. Amanda

    Looking for the best anniversary present. What better gift than drifting? The look on his face would be priceless!! This is something he would be able to remember for years.