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EXTREME Drift Allstars Europe RD 3 (July 19-20th) – Swedish Drift GP Results; James Deane Falken Motorsports takes the win at the Swedish Drift GP

This weekend saw the debut of a new destination in the Drift Allstars 2014 tour calendar at the Mantorp Park circuit, just 150km from Stockholm.


Set by the judges as per Drift Allstars specification, what looked to be one of the season’s easiest tracks soon became one of the most difficult with a wide mix of clipping point zones, setting the drivers up for a real challenge. (more…)


Ride the Mountains


Ramona Rusu Drift Girl
Gabi Imre


Tandem of Die gets Tuerck’d

Published on July 27, 2014, by in Videos.



Video: Formula Drift Seattle 2014


King of Europe, Keiichi Tsuchiya and Daijiro Inada enter into a partnership to create King of Asia World Exhibition Match


 Tokyo, Japan, 27th of July, 2014 - 2014 has seen King of Europe entering it’s 10th season of drifting throughout the
European Continent. Along these 10 years, King of Europe has established itself as the
biggest, most popular, and most professional drift series on the old continent. With a
remarkable reach of more than 85 million people by means of TV, more than 1 million fans
in Social Media, more than 120.000 fans attending the 21 events throughout the year, and
a constant flow of pre-event and post-event media, including viral videos and large scale
photo galleries, King of Europe has grown immensely from just an idea, to a professional,
world-renown drift series.



Francesco Conti at Round 4 of King of Europe


 Lugano, Switzerland, 14th of July

Just two weeks after the event in the UK, it was time for King of Europe to move on with Round 4 of this 10th season, and the country of choice was Poland. Poland is actually where Francesco Conti made his European debut, back in 2012, even though back then the event was held on the Poznan race track. Francesco made a storming appearance, and, after claiming 2 titles in Italy, he left a solid impression by taking 2nd place, after loosing in the final battle against Maciej Bochenek.

Going back to Poland meant that the competition was going to be fiercer than ever. Francesco Conti has had several encounters with Polish drivers in the past, with different outcomes every time. After having a pretty rough start of the season, the two times Italian champion and European Champion knew he had to push as hard as possible in Poland and get as many points to help him get back on top of the rankings. With an interesting layout, especially looking at the first section of the track, which integrated a hill, on top of which the drivers would have to initiate the drift while going as close as possible to the outer wall for the perfect line, Tor Jastrzab promised to offer the drivers a more than memorable experience. (more…)