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2012 Formula Drift Round 4: Ticket Giveaway

Formula Drift: Round 4 – Wall Speedway!!! As Formula Drift heads to New Jersey for Round 4 of the series. We look on to round 4 to see if the current points leaders can keep their position and closer to a championship.  So let’s give you the 411 on how to score some tickets!  Are you coming in for this event, plan to attend or just want some tickets??  As Formula Drift continue’s it’s 9th year. We are letting you try your luck, as we are giving away 4 pairs of tickets.  Tickets will be good for both days of the event.  Now how can you get in on this…  Well the contest details are below!  Good Luck on this contest and giveaway!!

Now entering is simple, just leave a comment in the comment section below telling us what is your favorite stop or track in the Formula Drift series? It can be an old track no longer visited or something that’s ran today.  There’s no right answer just ones we like and will choose.  All entry’s must be received by June 16th, 2012 12noon(PST). Email to winners will be sent later that evening. Make sure you leave your real email address when inputting the comment, as we will be emailing you to confirm its a valid address and to inform the winners. *1  The email address will not be shown to the public (This does not include air or transportation to the event or room and board).

The best 4 comments will get the tickets to the event and get to see some slideways action live at Wall Speedway…

*1 (Please be aware any email addresses will be shared with Formula Drift and Formula Drift only. This will not go to their partners and is just for their use and our use only. Thank you and enjoy what we do for you.)



32 Responses

  1. Eddie sanger

    My favorite would have to be the wall speedway because its just close enough for me to be able to go and i also like how its set up theres really no bad seat it that place and you can see everything with no problem

  2. Kristina Sanger

    My favorite track is the wall speedway in NJ. Easy to get to and no matter where you sit it’s a great view of an exciting race. It’s where I became a drifting fan!

  3. I would have to say Irwindale…I mean come on… Thats were they go balls deep. Put everything on the line. NO GUTS NO GLORY type of shit… its the last event in the serious… winner take all … (some other fast and the furious cliches go here)… And above all else… its in california… and do you know whats legal there? well then neither do eye … wink wink…

    or do eye…

    oh and there are a lot of plastic titties in cali… that just look glorious…

    so yeah… ill take those tickets now hahahahahahahahahha

  4. While I have never been to a live Formula DRIFT event, I would have to say from what I have watch via the DriftStream, Vegas would be my favorite track due to the high speed entries and a close second would be Road Atlanta.

  5. Jeramy koenig

    I love round4 the gauntet it’s a challenging track

  6. yann pinheiro

    If I could I choose them all. But sense you said one so yea. The gauntlet would be my favorite not because its my home course just because of how much fun, tire smoke, drifting, and excitement jam packet into one bowl of a track that car cause the most carnage with the infamous guard rail. This track is where we have seen wheels come off the car ,doors being hit off, and cars grinding their back bumpers on the bank. This is by far the most interesting track of the season where everyone has the best seat in the house.

  7. Irwindale would be my favorite track. Sideways madness!!!

  8. MannyNJ

    Even after driving for the first time down from NJ to ATL and having an absolute blast, I have to say Wall, all the action its just right there. You can see, hear, smell and feel every single battle. most people and drivers hate this track, but as a fan at the track you have to love it, it takes every little bit of talent out the drivers. I mean, come on, you have tire bits raining on you. It doesnt get any better that for a fan.

    I been to wall 3 times since 09, 1 time to Road Atlanta this year.

  9. I really like Irwindale. I think the drivers really go above and beyond for the “Title Fight!”

  10. will

    My favorite track is the wall speedway in NJ. one main reason is because I live 10 minutes away from the wall speedway. I was there tonight for the first car cruise and they had the oval opened for a little with the pace car. But yes WALL SPEEDWAY HANDS DOWN BEST TRACK ! my email is and phone number is 8453801729 name is will.

  11. Daniel

    My favorite track would have to be long beach just because there is so much speed going into the first turn then they whip right into the big sweeper! Personally long beach Is my favorite track!

  12. Doug

    Palm Beach International Speedway is a solid course – it puts the clipping points right in front of the spectators. You can see all of the action from the grandstands or further down near the end of the track. Fun track to watch drifting – nice facilities – and good surface. Palm Beach Rules….

  13. Jason Restivo

    just like in baseball the 4th batter is the cleanup man, Round 4: “THE GAUNTLET” @ Wall Speedway, Wall, NJ, has to be one of the BEST tracks not just for the drivers, but for us fans, ANY seat is a GOOD seat. you are alwasy in the action no matter where you sit you see the whole track and get to watch a sick drifting show. I went last year thanks to a friend, my goal is to go every year till FD is no longer!

  14. Russel Chiacchia

    Wall speedway. It’s the only track I have the opportunity to go to. I love how the seating is close. You are in the action. I have sat in the front row and been covered in black specs from the tires.

  15. Melissa DAnton

    My favorite, of course, is the Wall! There is no bad seat or angle that you can’t catch every heart-wrenching slide and turn combined with the smell of burning rubber, nothing better!…and NOTHING LIKE A GIRLS PERSPECTIVE of FD! :) last year was amazing to watch and I can’t wait to see what this year brings.

  16. suz

    Wall, of course. :)

  17. Joey

    There is only 1 track that comes to mind that’s hands down my favorite track. After Dark in Las Vegas!!! Fastest entry speed and insane entrys with 3 days of tire burning fun.

  18. emmanuel herrera

    always wanted too see this show but spend money on some other stuff i want to lighten the mood of my family but if i where to pick a certain family member it be my sister i love her i take her places then she takes me places or my litle brother i love them both if i win ill let them both see it i just want the tickets for them and i want to make my sister happier cuz her boyfreind died 3 months ago they where about to get engaged then he died si he got taken away too soon so i hope u see this bye

  19. emmanuel herrera

    ohh yeah btw round 4 the gsunlet

  20. Ian smith

    I would say Wall Speedway is my favorite track because last year was my first drift event and it was at wall speedway. I think it is the best track because of the excitement that the track produces. The guardrails are known to eat cars and the mid-field is bumpy and that makes Wall an awesome track.

  21. Mark Vehling

    My favorite track is always the next one. Seriously. Every race so far I have caught both days on the Live Stream and each track is as as good or better than the last because they are all a different test of the drivers skills. From the practice runs to the Tandem Rides Formula Drift is the most exciting two minutes in MOTORSPORTS!
    I’m ready for the smell of some burning rubber and the sounds of tires screeching and roaring motors. I live in Pennsylvania so this is the only race I will get to see in person – send me to Wall!

  22. Julian drabick

    Well my faborite venue is the gauntlet, the banking and the rough surface makes the action all that much more exciting, and the seating is amazing. Its also the closest venue to where i live, but it is still hours away. Im trying to get my friends into drifting but i cant pay for them. Please send me to wall!

  23. Barb Vehling

    I love any track Chelsea DeNofa smokes them tires on! Can’t wait to finally watch drifting in person at The Wall!

  24. Donielle Reefer

    My favorite track is Road Atlanta went there for first time in 06 while stationed in south Carolina it’s Fast, and there are some nice wide open throttle action most of the drift . you can park your car all around the track on a hill so you could see everything while sitting in air-conditioning there was another Motorsport going on before the event giveaways, PlayStation truck with games inside everything you need for all day entertainment cant wait for wall nj

  25. Esther Prado

    Irwindale speed way !!. Love the way saw guys have set it up in the past years !!! And the crowed is all In one side of the stands so it gets intense !!! Love it !!!

  26. Ricardo Ruiz

    Wall mainly cause its the only one I can go to on the east coast. I liked it when it was at English town but it didn’t have great seating like wall does

  27. hugo

    Irwindale california

  28. Ratha

    I’ve only been to the New Jersey’s tracks and I like Wall Speedway because that was my first time going there and I met Tarzan in 2006 and had been going since! Plus the seating and view was much easier than the other track. I’m looking forward to seeing the gush and the FR-S since it seem he is doing a lot better with this one than the TC.

  29. John Lespoir

    I’ve been to englishtown, wall, and vegas but I must say my favorite is Las Vegas. Great venue, Great atmosphere, drifting is real close to seats, and best of all it’s a night event. The headlights shinning through the tire smoke is incredible.

  30. Carlos Garcia

    My favorite with out a doubt was when it used to be at raceway park, Englishtown NJ. I love Wall speedway and it is definitely entertaining since
    Your right there, but man do I miss the drivers coming into turn one rippin it at 90 mph!! Also is more technical and takes more skill, so you can really see who was he best driver that day! Please go back eventually

  31. Lynda Martineau

    I’ve been to the Las Vegas venue for the first time 2 years ago and to Wall just last year. Las Vegas by far is by favorite. Awesome event altogether. I had never been so amazed in my whole life and was very thankful my friend introduced me to this.

  32. Melissa Danielle

    My favorite was Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ. Season 2008. First time i went and loved it ever since!!!