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2012 Formula Drift Round 5: Ticket Giveaway

Formula Drift: Round 5 THROWDOWN – Evergreen Speedway!!! Formula Drift heads to Washington for Round 5 of the series. Coming into this round Points leader Justin Pawlak has a 13 point lead over second place Daigo Saito. Last  round Vaughn Gittin Jr. was able to get back on the podium and show he’s a possible spoiler for the top two. We are giving you our wonderful fan’s a chance to win a ticket to the event. We have 4 tickets up for grabs- Tickets will be good for both days of the event. Now how can you get in on this… Well the contest details are below! Good Luck on this contest and giveaway!!

Now entering is simple, just leave a comment in the comment section below telling us what Formula D driver (past and present )would you want to run a Tandem round with and why. And feel free to include what car you would be driving. There’s no right answer just ones we like and will choose. All entry’s must be received by July 14th, 2012 12noon (PST). Email to winners will be sent later that evening. Make sure you leave your real email address when inputting the comment, as we will be emailing you to confirm its a valid address and to inform the winners. *1 The email address will not be shown to the public (This does not include air or transportation to the event or room and board).

The best 4 comments will get the tickets to the event and get to see some slideways action live at Evergreen Speedway.

*1 (Please be aware any email addresses will be shared with Formula Drift and Formula Drift only. This will not go to their partners and is just for their use and our use only. Thank you and enjoy what we do for you.)



19 Responses

  1. Paul

    S Hubinette vs D Saito

    Tommy Suell vs T Aono

  2. Craig Louderback

    I would love to tandem with Michihiro Takatori in the Maziora S15. He’s not my favorite driver but the car was something else. V8 powered with that insane supercharger that stuck through the hood. The car looked awesome but the SOUND of the supercharger was amazing. I just want to hear it again, but this time right next to my door.

    The car I would choose would be the Signal Auto/Exedy/Tanabe R34 once driven by Yukinobu Okubo. The chameleon paint really work on that car. It was beautiful and of course, crazy fast!

    Plus, on a sunny day the fans would get to see two beautiful cars and the sound would be something to remember. I think it would be sensory overload.

  3. I would choose to tandem with Ken Gushi in his SR AE86. Ken has shown his skills no matter what car he’s in and I love the fact that he still stays grass roots, regardless of how far he goes in Formula D.

    I would have to stay true to my lil NA Miata, because I love that I drift a 98HP car (no e-brake) and can swing it with the best of them. Ken’s seen me at Adams Motorsports Park, ask him :)

  4. if i had a chance to tandem with a driver i would pick Daigo Saito. why? bcuz i know we would put on a good show for the crowd & he is such a courageous driver bringing so much fire to the game. he probably wont c me bcuz he smokes the track up pretty bad, but i will b right there on his door (NOT)LOL, with my JZX100 Toyota Chaser hahaha!

  5. I would love to tandem with Walker Wilkerson, because he’s a hometown favorite and has plenty of experience in on the Evergreen 5/8 bank, I’d probably be driving a rwd converted subie sti, because I love subies!

  6. Brian Louderback

    I’m going to choose to tandem with one of the most decorated drivers on the circuit, Rhys Millen. It would be an honor to drift against Rhys and his family’s racing heritage.

    I would be driving Otto Graven’s 350Z from last year. I was amazed to see that it was powered by a V8 motor from a Corvette C5R! The car was ugly (bad body kit) but the motor was a beauty.

  7. Kelly D.

    Rhys Millen, because he rocks!

  8. jean

    i would love to tandem with WALKER WILKERSON because he is a local driver in WA and i have seen him run at evergreen many times and also PGP and he is just one of the best, and i would be driving my turbo bmw 318ti

  9. Husain

    I would want to tandem with walker Wilkerson cause I’ve seen his car go through every stage it’s been and it’s crazy seeing him compete in fd. And I would be driving a 2jz kouki s14.

  10. Husain

    Hes also a good friend of my brothers.

  11. Joe oconnell

    I would run against ken guishi in the new fr-s because I have followed his career since day 1 and I think he is an amazing driver. Not only a good driver but a good dude, every event I’ve been too he is always willing to talk and sign merch. I would drive his car from last season the rwd converted tc because I am courious to see which one is faster and could handle drifting better!

  12. Andre

    I’m going with my boy, Chris Forsberg aka “The Force”. Not only do I love NOS® energy drink and support the racing team all the way, but I’m definitely for this awesome guy whose planning to make a statement against the other top dogs. And taking the 370Z out with him would be an adrenaline rush I’d never forget!!


    I would definitely go with Jhonnattan Castro JCR. He has been quite an inspiration for our nation (Dominican Republic). His journey to FD nothing short of amazing.
    The only tweak is that I will be driving Forsberg’s Z, Ha!

  14. Jerime

    I would run a tandem against Vaughn Gittin Jr and his Ford. I would race in a Nissan Skyline and show him why Nissans are the way to go!

  15. larry graves

    I would run against vaughn jr ans his stang in a 86

  16. Anthony S.

    I would run with Vaughn Gittin Jr and his Ford Mustang. He has been an inspiration to me with his Ford and proving you don’t have to be an import to drift. Just a good ol american classic.

  17. Mark Vehling

    I would choose to run a Tandem Round with the real Rookie of the Year – #88 Chelsea Denofa. His driving style, angle, and smoke stack blowing BMW are unique on the Formula Drift Cirquit. The car I would most like to drive that Tandem in would be #9 DAIJIRO YOSHIHARA’s 6.7 Aluminum 570hp V8 1993 Nissan 240sx. I,ve watched alot of the Behind the smoke videos and for some reason I just love that car!

    If that car was not available my 2nd choice would be Speed Racer’s Mach 5 – just sayin …

  18. Kate Vehling

    If I had to choose I would love to run a tandem round with the talented Chelsea Denofa (#88) His skill is like no other and he is definitely the most interesting driver to watch. Of all the competitors he always leaves the crowd in awe with how cool his angle and driving style are.
    During the tandem run against #88 I would drive Daigo Saito’s car because of its sick design and also because it’s Chelsea’s arch nemesis’ car, so that would be fun for the crowd as well.

  19. Kelly Stang Louderback

    I would love to drift with Ken Gushi in his FRS. First of all I wouldn’t mind if he gave me a “love tap” while we ran tandem. Secondly, he drives a car under the same manufacturer as mine. Speaking of which, I would be drifting in his old Scion tC (the one that was grey and fluorescent yellow – the Scion Racing/Rogue Status Scion tC).

    I need tickets to see the Gush!