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Formula Drift Round 4 *Ride Along* & Ticket Giveaway!

Formula Drift: Round 4 in the fabulous Sin City of Las Vegas, Nevada!  What other reson is needed to go to Vegas?  Drifting, Gambling and Great Food and Friends!    Come for the drifting, stay for the rest.  Try your luck, as we are giving away 5 pairs of tickets.  Hey if you win with us, your luck is already there to hit the casino! These Tickets will be good for both days of the event. How can you get in on this you may ask.  Well the contest details are after the jump.  Good Luck!

*Just Added* Ride Along to one of the winners!  Take a ride with a Formula Drift driver! 

Entering is as simple as leaving a comment in the blog below explaining why you want and deserve these tickets. All entry’s must be recieved by July 3rd, 2009 12noon(PST). Email to winners will be sent between 2-5pm. Make sure you leave your real email address when inputting the comment, as we will be emailing you to confirm its a valid address and to inform the winners. The email address will not be shown to the public. (This does not include air or transportation to the event or room and board). 

If you don’t win, you can always enter the code “everythingdrift” for a discount.  Enjoy and good luck. 

Contest Over, New Giveaway begining Sunday 06/05/09

11 Responses

  1. I want these tickets because I would like to become more involved in Forumla D so maybe some day I’d be able to work for them. Don’t really see a better way to do this than attending more than one event a year.

  2. Adam Barrington

    Ive entered all the contest youve had available so far and havent won yet! i need to go to my first formula D event and even more, i need to nut myself in a ride along!!!!! :DDDD

  3. Dead Pirate Productions

    i deserve these tickets because its vgas…and its me…and im going anyway so i might as well get in for free

  4. Mike Reed

    I know a really cool chick that is very, very sweet. She loves cars, she loves imports, and she LOVES Formula D. It’s her dream one day to learn how to drift. She drives a 1999 sentra, but she wishes it was a skyline GTR. She really like the 350z drift cars. She attends Road Atlanta every year with her and her 13 year old daughter. Last time they went by themselves. I have a friend in Vegas that will let us stay there, and we all need a vacation REALLY BAD! This would be perfect for her and the drift ride would be a mind-blowing experience for her, I am sure. Hope you consider us! THANKS!

  5. Kenny C

    I am a big fan of drifting motorsport. I’ve been to 2 d1gp events and never got a chance to go to a Formula D. Everytime I watch the events, I’ve always wanted to experience how it feels like going sideways that fast. This would be great if I got a chance to ride shotgun with the pros.

  6. Adam Widner

    I deserve these tickets because I want to go support JOON!! He is the nicest guy i have ever talked to and it blows my mind that he is still un-sponsered. So i want to go to Las Vegas to support him cause he deserves the sponserships alot more than some of the guys in formula drift.

  7. Edwin Guerra

    Why do i deserve the tickets/ride along? I I admire all the drivers and everytime i get a chance to talk to them i make sure to shoot some comments at them that i intend to make them feel like celebrities! and that is the status these guys deserve in our modern entertainment scene that is saturated with vocab deprived rappers, movie stars with bankrupt personalities, and over payed sports athletes!!! I am an Engineering student that is obsessed with technology and for me to hear all the diverse engines pull up to +100mph on entry will be amazing to say the least.

  8. Giovanni Ceremony

    I am in the United States Air Force looking to go to my first D1gp. i have been into drifting for very long time watching all the series and leagues… i did enter amateur day a couple times with my 1988 rx7 Tii. I am working hard for my country on f-16 fighter jet engines. i hope to broaden my horizon in drifting and further my passion for cars.

  9. Thomas Carroll

    i want/deserve these tickets and possibly a ride along because me and my family were planning on attending anyways, but 2 free tickets would help us out very much so financially, as we are on a fixed income. Also, i have never attended a formula drift event so this is going to be my first time, other than attending D1GP, and this would just make it 10x more enjoyable for me and my family. I have always been a huge fan of drifting and i’ve watched formula drift come a long ways. If i win or lose, i will still be there in the stands cheering! But having the chance to ride along would be an amazing experience that i would NEVER forget.

  10. Tim Denzler

    I’m Tim Denzler I’m 17 and I deserve the round 4 Formula D tickets because, I been into drifting for a while I go to Adams Motor sports Park every Thursday to watch the drift!! and just started going on Fridays to practice my self!! I just bought a Nissan 240sx hatch and omg its crap… I love the car but it needs so much work the dude who sold it to me screwed me over!! So I’m low on money and really want to go see who the pros do it in Vegas!! Please pick me!! Thanks

  11. danny banuelos

    They call me Danny B. Im a beginner drifter… been doin work to my whole car. welded my own diff. changed my own suspension. just been getting my hands dirty to get closer to Formula D someday!! i deserve a break and wat better then to b in vegas where i hope to end up drifting with the pros!! Samuel Hubinette, Vaughn Gittin, Rhys Millen, Daijiro Yoshihara and others… i look up to them and would love to passanger in a ride along with anyone of them!!