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Home Event Live Updates 2009 Formula Drift:R4 Top 32 Rundown

2009 Formula Drift:R4 Top 32 Rundown

Tommy Suel Vs. Ryuji Miki
They go OMT, testing a live stream from Belle-1.  Will release info once it is up. 

Miki leads with Suell on a gap but Miki with a correction on entry into S course.  Judges call OMT 2

Tommy leads and Miki comes in on the wall and taps the wall with the wing.  Both with a solid run.
Miki leads with a good entry.  Tommy shallower line and runs out the course.  Miki moves on. 

Alex P. Vs Sam Hubinette
Sam leads and slight gap from Alex through the course.  Solid run from both.
Alex leads and Sam is on Alex though the course.  Sam moves on. 

Kenji Yamanaka Vs. JR
Kenji leads with JR on Kenji through the course.  Solid run from both.
JR leads with a very early initation and a smoke cloud behind him.  82.9mph entry from JR.  JR moves on.

JTP Vs. Tony Brakahopia
JTP leads with Tony giving chase and staying close through the course.  Great run from both. 
Tony leads and great entry and on the wall through the sweeper.  Spins on final clipping point and JTP moves on.

Tanner Foust Vs. Bill Sherman
Tanner leads with Bill giving chase and having a correction on entry. 
Bill leads with a very aggresive entry.  Correction on sweeper and Chris moves on. 

Carl Rydquist Vs. Takatori
Takatori moves on.  DNS from Carl at the line. 

Ryan Tuerck Vs. Taka Aono
Ryan leads and good run from both.
Taka leads and solid run again.  Ryan moves on

Matt Powers Vs. Ueo
Ueo leads with Matt staying close but a small correction.
Mat leads with Ueo staying on Matts door through the course.  Judges call OMT

Ueo leads with Matt giving chase and staying close.  Correction from Matt into the 2nd clip.
Matt leads with Ueo once again all up on Matt and it looks like they almost hit on the sweeper.  Ueo moves on.

Kyle Mohan Vs. Pat Mordaunt
Kyle with a good entry and slightly better angle through the course.  Pat keeping up and staying close throug the course.
Pat leads and both have a great run, solid form both and judges call OMT

Kyle leads with a good gap and nice entry from Kyle.  Pat stays close but still a gap.
Pat leads and with a great initiation. solid run and the judges call OMT again!

Kyle leads and nice entry from Kyle, Pat with a slight correction on entry and into the 2nd clipping point. 
Pat leads and Kyle is on him through the course.  Judges state Pat moves on with the call of 2 judges.

Dai Yoshihara Vs. Kazu Hayashida
Dai comes in hot and goes into the tire wall on entry.  Course clean up…
Kazu leads, good run from both, but not enough to come back.  Kazu moves on.

Eric O’Sullivan Vs. Tanner Foust
Eric leads with Tanner mirroring, both come in hot and sideways!  Great run from both drivers. 
Tanner leads with Eric giving chase.  lots of smoke as you lose them through the S course.  Tanner takes the win

Haraguchi Vs. Joon Maeng
Haraguchi comes in with a very aggresive entry and was heading into a spin when Joon taps his back bumper. 
Joon leads with Haraguchi comes in and gives up the line from a shallower entry.  Joon moves on. 

Kondo Vs. Essa
Decent runs from both and judges call OMT for them.

Essa leads and is just with a huge gap from Kondo.  Kondo runs out course.
Kondo leads and spins on S part of course.  Essa moves on to Top 16

Stephen Verdier Vs. Ross Petty
Stephen leads with a nice wide entry into the sweeper. Ross runs a shallower line.
Ross leads with Stephen coming in with an early initiation and spins out. Ross moves on.

Ken Gushi Vs. Tyler McQuarrie
Ken leads with Tyler coming in and having a semi lat entry and partially straight.
Tyler leads with Ken mirroring Tyler on the entry and going wide on the S. Judges call OMT.

Ken with a good initiation and Tyler coming in close to the wall and bettering Kens entry. Through the S and out the course.
Tyler leads and Ken is on Tyler thgouth the course and spins on the S. Tyler moves on.

Robbie Nishida Vs. Casper Canul
Robbie leads, comes in with Casper on late initiation. Both shoot through course and through the S. Weak chase from judges for Casper.
Casper leads with Robbie on a sick initiation. Close up on the wall trough the sweeper and into the S course. Robbie moves on.

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