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PARC Fest 2013

No doubt this year has been amazing for me. All the drift events from Formula Drift Seattle, Tandem Of Die’s Drift Evolution in Medford Or. to my most close drift/go kart track Pat Acres out in Canby Or. No doubt getting into this sport just  this year and being able to shoot so many events & meet so many great people and new friends has been very enjoyable & this past Labor Day weekend was no different at PARC Fest. KeezerFormula Drift Driver Kory Keezer made it out for a decent amount of time until his car broke, and he was not the only one. No doubt it would be great to see more Formula D drivers on this track. Ryan Tuerck even made it out here to test out his new FRS PSI built just before the 2013 Formula Drift season



Pollard VS JensenPollard VS Jensen – they had great tandem battles, Jensen even ran over my Go Pro Hero 3 (video coming soon)



My Good friend Craig (and amazing drifter) almost immediately broke an axel was able to retrieve another one, install it, and was able to get a few more laps in (that I chased him for video footage). Then once again on day 2 of this event broke his other axel but luckily was towards the end of the day. You can follow him here –




Here’s another regular local (another amazing drifter) James Wiklund in his beautiful S14.5


1825 1835 986

Northwest Drift Pro Am Duo Erich & Dio made there rounds around the track.


3858 3886 4590

It was also great traveling with these 3 drivers (Henry, Forest, Kenny) & friends, paired with Craig it made for an absolutely amazing weekend.

439 448 557 625 656 929 977 1720 1819 2749 2808 3150 3471 3595 3602 3745 4318

& there were many, very many drivers other drivers that made it out to this event.



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