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Vd036 Drift Clinic and Wet Session Registration is Open!

Published on August 22, 2014, by in VegasDrift.

VegasProAm Round 4 Podium

VegasProAm Round 4 Podium Results 1st Place – #21 Brandon Patterson (California) Nissan S14 2nd Place – #34 Travis “Road Boss” Avery (Colorado) Mazda RX7 3rd Place – #8 Kasey King (Colorado) Toyota Sc300


VegasProAm Rd 4 and VegasDrift Practice Event

This weekend VegasDrift is hosting round 4 of 5 of the VegasProAm Series as well as an all skills practice event. Get seat-time on the Outside Road Course at VegasDrift 34 practice event!


Vegas ProAm Round 3 Results

After a nice breezy day out at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. We got the pleasure of watching and judging round 3 of the ProAm series. We would like to say congratulations to Spike Chen on his win as well to Cameron Moore who took 2nd and Riley Fremont taking 3rd. Congrats to you all!


Thirsty Film / Winding Highway Studio’s VegasProAm Rd 1 Video

Andrew Escarcega from Thirsty Film and Brian Tindall from Winding Highway Studios put together this collaboration project video of VegasProAm Round 1!! Be sure to watch in HD! Follow this link to like VegasProAm’s Facebook Page


Layout for VegasProAm 2014 Rd 1!