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City of Atlanta proposing Amendment to Outlaw Drifting

Published on May 7, 2012, by in Grassroots.

The City of Atlanta’s City Council passed an amendment to the city’s noise ordinance today which made several changes to the City’s noise ordinance. What stood out the most however, was the city’s targeted attack on drifting, whether it be on public or private property within city limits. (Read the Amendment HERE.) This inherently will impact grassroots drift events organized at Turner Field which aim to keep drifting off public streets. Formula Drift pro Chris Forsberg recently made a case for grassroots drift events and their positive impact on the drift community. Check out the Wrecked Magazine article on that HERE.

You can take action against this by looking into and signing the petition below, or by learning more via the Facebook group “Save Drifting in Atlanta.” This will not impact Formula Drift at Road Atlanta as it is not within city limits, however this amendment can have a detrimental impact on Atlanta grassroots drifting. Do your part and help ensure that this does not pass.

Petition to Save Drfiting in Atlanta

Save Drifting in Atlanta Facebook Group


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