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Formula D RD.5 -THROWDOWN Ticket Giveaway

RD 5 Giveaway

All we can say is wow Fd Rd.5 in Jersey was one exciting event. From some close tandem battle, and a little carnage here and there. Big congratulates to Fredric Aasbo getting his Fist win in the Formula D Pro Series. And another strong points day for currents points leader Chris Forsberg as he takes home second place and continues the sting of podium finishes. Also we would like to congratulate Odi Bakchis on getting his First ever Podium in FD as well. He sure threw down some amazing Runs. Well now the FD Circus moves on up to the Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA. Well now time to get on to the good stuff…..Giveaway time!!!!!!!

We have Four tickets up for grabs and all you have to do is- Tell us what driver from any other Racing series do you think would be able to throw it down with the Formula D Drivers, And who out of any of the FD Driver’s (Past-Present) would you like to see this Driver compete against. 

 All entries must be received by July 11, 2014 12 noon(PST). Email to winners will be sent later that evening. Make sure you leave your real email address when inputting the comment, as we will be emailing you to confirm its a valid address and to inform the winners. *1 The email address will not be shown to the public (This does not include air or transportation to the event or room and board). Ticket will be good for both Friday and Saturday. 

The best 4 comments will get the tickets to see the FD action at Evergreen Speedway

*1 (Please be aware any email addresses will be shared with Formula Drift and Formula Drift only. This will not go to their partners and is just for their use and our use only. Thank you and enjoy what we do for you.) 


17 Responses

  1. Victor Franco

    Tanner Foust Vs. Daigo Saito
    This would be such a great battle!!

  2. Love drift it’s become one of my passions in life

  3. Spencer roth

    I would like to see Reese Millen get behind the wheel up against Dai yoshihara that would be an amazing battle.
    Hope you guys feel the same would love to get out there and see formula d first hand I’ve never had the chance

  4. Pat Gwin

    Mikko Hirvonnin of WRC vs Forest “lean the green” Wangster. WRC and FD have the best drivers in the world. It would be epic.

  5. Ryan Wamsley

    Scott Speed vs Matt Powers would be fun!!

  6. Kristina Wamsley

    Bucky Lasek to compete against Odi Bakchis

  7. Alex Wamsley

    Ballistic BJ Baldwin vs. Vaughn Gittin Jr. would be amazing.

  8. Cameron Wamsley

    Nico Roseburg versus Rhys Millen

  9. Logan Coutts

    I would love to see Travis Pastrana in the US FD series, I mean why not? He already does everything else and could tag along with a Red Bull sponsor for the FD pro series. He is genuinely a good driver and likes to have a good time while at the same time understanding the spirit and joy of drifting. For god sakes man he drifted a NASCAR at 180mph! I would like to see him drive currently against Ryan Tuerck as I think they would have a similar style and competitive nature to their driving. Drivers from past FD years, probably Tanner Foust but both driving modern setups and chassis. I honestly don’t know why Travis Pastrana isn’t already involved as he himself sells any sport he is in and I think it would be good for the sport as a whole. #PNW #evergreendrift #fdsea #GoPrimo #tallestguyindrifting

  10. Paul C

    Sebastien Loeb VS Daigo Saito

  11. Justin Yamashiro

    If he was still alive I’d vote in Colin McRae to go against Matt Field. They’re both aggressive drivers who’d give it all and fight their way to the top. Colin has his famous quote of “if in doubt, flat out” and I feel we all saw something of that sense with Matt Field when he went against Saito at Irwindale. Both drivers have a fluid driving style and use their vehicles to the best of their ability. In the end, whether the car is in one or multiple pieces, they keep going and having fun with something they enjoy.

  12. Denis A

    Daijiro Yoshihara vs Sebastien Loeb, two best drivers in wrc and fd having a battle together would be awesome.

  13. Ross

    Dale Earnhardt Sr. vs. Vaughn Gittin Jr. would be absolutely epic.

  14. brandon pierson

    I have two choices. Ken block vs vaughn gitten jr. And Sebastian vettel vs Frederick aasbo both I think could be very interesting battles… and for fun ill say Sebastian loeb vs chris forsberg that too could be pretty epic.

  15. josiah

    Rhys Millen vs. Matt Powers two smooth great drivers in nice cars

  16. Craig Louderback

    The Stig!
    He can drift against Vaughn Gittin Jr. and at the conclusion of their battle The Stig would remove his helmet to reveal his identity….

    It would be an epic battle of a mysterious driver versus one of Formula D’s greatest personalities.

  17. Kelly Louderback

    “Battle of the Ken’s”

    I would love to see Ken Block vs Ken Gushi
    Ken Block is a great driver and Ken Gushi is, well, Ken Gushi <3

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