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Pipay Touge Part: 2

Clear skies and a dry track awaited the drivers on Sunday morning. The fans eagerly awaited the first runs of the day.


The drivers had a short practice session to perfect their line before qualifying, we took the opportunity to take a ride with Nicolas Cerdan. Its was a surreal experience, one minute we are sat waiting in the queue listening to Muse, the next its all over, an overload on the senses as your thrown from left to right, trees and concrete walls passing by faster than you thought possible.




During qualifying the drivers had 3 runs to get their highest score, the top 16 were then presented to the fans, with many drivers putting on a show. The top 16 were-

1. G Hypki

2. K Romanowski

3. M Mospinek

4. S Blanchet

5. M Morier

6. N Cerdan

7. S Picard

8. F Audoir

9. B Brandner

10. J Grosjean

11. D Bosco

12. L Prudent

13. J Tixier

14. R Renard

15. E Laissue

16. T Stehlin

After close battles and the odd mechanical failure, it resulted in a win for Hypki with Mospinek and Picard taking the rest of the podium spots.









We will be returning to Pipay next year and we strongly advise that you all book tickets to France, this event needs to be experienced firsthand!

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  1. cerdan

    thank you for this great report
    quickly in 2015

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