Hello and welcome to the first segment of our OTHER bi-weekly series where I catch up with some of the former Midwest Drift Union regulars to find out how they got started, why they no longer compete, and what they’re up to now.

Our first driver is Bill Cook, a long-time MDU contender with multiple podium finishes and arguably one of the most successful drivers in terms of overall placement at the end of the season. He finished third place overall in 2010, second in 2011, and third again in 2012, making him one of the best performing drivers in the history of the series. Cook switched up to a GS300, affectionately dubbed “Fat Girl,” for the 2013 season before bowing out for 2014, though the Lexus then assumed the role of the “Drift Taxi” at events such as No-Star Bash and has since found a new owner.